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  Friday, August 26, 2016
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You are viewing the schedule forFriday, August 26, 2016
Fully equipped studios are available for your band's practice. Please use the schedule below to make reservations:
  • All studios are rented on an hourly basis.
    Studio A: $25.00/hour, Studio B: $23.00/hour, Studio C: $23.00/hour, Studio D: $25.00/hour,
    Studio E: $30.00
  • You can make your reservations within a 1 month range from today. At least one hour of studio time is required to book a time slot.
  • A valid credit card, or advance cash payment at the studio will be required to make a reservation.
  • No refund will be given for any unused studio time.
  • 24 hour cancellation policy is stricly enforced. Book only the time you actually intend to practice.
  • Online reservations are for practice sessions only. If you're interested in recording, please contact us first.
  • Please, take a moment to read our House Rules
<August 2016>

Reservations can be made online only. This is what we currently have available, no need to call for confirmation. If you like the time slot - book it!
TimeStudio AStudio BStudio CStudio DStudio E
05:00 PMreservedreservedreservedreservedreserved
05:30 PMreservedreservedreservedreservedreserved
06:00 PMreservedreservedreservedreservedreserved
06:30 PMreservedreservedreservedreservedreserved
07:00 PMreservedreservedreservedreservedreserved
07:30 PMreservedreservedreservedreservedreserved
08:00 PMreservedreservedreservedreservedreserved
08:30 PMreservedreservedreservedreservedreserved
09:00 PMreservedreservedreservedreservedreserved
09:30 PMreservedreservedreservedreservedreserved
10:00 PMreservedreservedreservedreservedreserved
10:30 PMreservedreservedreservedreservedreserved
11:00 PM
Hours of operation for this date are: 5 pm - 11 pm

If a studio is already reserved for the date and time you need, you can
Register in our Standby List and we'll notify you immediately if something opens up.